Body & Skin Therapies

Body Therapies

Looking for a way to enhance your skin to get that healthy glow? Our body treatments can invigorate your body and promote healthy skin. From aromatherapy to exfoliation, we have a treatment just for you and your trouble area.

Aromatherapy Steam Treatment
(30 minutes)
Your body will be enveloped in steam customized with your personalized aroma designed to help you relax and reduce stress. It is also good to have right before a massage. The treatment is good for detoxification, increased circulation, and reduction of the signs of stress and fatigue.
Body Buff
(60 minutes)
A cleansing and sloughing treatment for the body, gently exfoliates, improves circulation and removes surface dryness, followed by moisturizing treatment.
Body Buff and Beyond
(90 minutes)
The body buff and beyond incorporates the body buff followed by a treatment that replenishes and nourishes the skin. The body is then wrapped in a thermal blanket. While the body is hydrating, enjoy a scalp and face massage.
Full-Body Paraffin
(60 minutes)
This treatment begins with a dry exfoliation followed by gentle essential oil massage. Paraffin is applied to the entire body and wrapped for twenty minutes in a warm blanket. This treatment is especially good for dry or chapped skin, relieves tired or sore muscles, leaving you with better mobility and feeling rejuvenated. While wrapped, you will receive a scalp and face massage.
Back Treatment
(60 minutes)
This treatment is designed to relieve stress and promote healthy skin on the back area. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, effleurage massage and a warm seaweed masque.
Therapeutic Paraffin Hand Treatment
(15-20 minutes)
A wonderful way to hydrate the hands and feet, plus adding to mobility of stiff joints and helping to relieve tired, tense muscles.
Therapeutic Paraffin Foot Treatment
(15-20 minutes)
A wonderful way to hydrate the hands and feet, plus adding to mobility of stiff joints and helping to relieve tired, tense muscles.
Signature Hand or Foot Treatment
A seaweed mask is applied to the feed and/or hands and wrapped in hot towels to detoxify and hydrate.
Signature Hand Treatment
(25-35 minutes)
Signature Foot Treatment
(25-35 minutes)
Signature Hand & Foot Treatment
(45-60 minutes)

Facial Treatments

Custom-blend treatments to fit the individuals’ personal needs.

Looking for a way to enhance your skin to get that healthy glow? Our facials invigorate, exfoliate and promote a healthy completion. Contact us today to get your facial treatment.

For all facial treatments: Buy four of the same facial and receive the fifth complimentary.

Add-ons are extra.

Deep Cleansing Facial$50 - 30 minutes
Helps maintain a healthy complexion with this complete 30-minute facial, which includes deep-pore cleansing steam with exfoliation, followed by a soothing masque.
Results Focus Facial$70 - 60 minutes$110 - 90 minutes
Addresses concerns ranging from ache and aging to dryness and sensitivity. Your 60 to 90-minute treatment will include stress-relieving rituals with customized aroma and facial massage techniques particular to your needs.
Head Liners Aromatherapy Signature Facial$115 - 90 minutes
A total face and body rejuvenation, this 90-minute customized treatment is done with essential oils designed to relax and replenish the skin, with the special massage techniques to bring the body back into balance. By investing more time in your facial treatment, you increase your skin’s ability to recover.
Dual Exfoliation$80 - 90 minutes$105 - with décolleté
A non-invasive, skin-renewing treatment. This treatment combines naturally-derived mechanical and biomedical exfoliation methods into one powerful service that transforms the skin through the process of dual exfoliation. Helps improve skin texture, clarity and radiance. Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Refines pores revealing fresher, younger-looking skin.
Plant Peel$50 - 45 minutes$45 - Add-on
Advancing the science of chemical peels. This treatment helps retexturize skin, smooth fine, dry lines, and restore radiance. Safe for acneic skin. Add this treatment when skin needs the exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel procedure with less of the associated redness and irritation.
Dermaplaning immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the outer-most layer of dead skin cells and villous hair. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars while leaving the skin smooth, supple, and vibrant. It is also great for prepping the skin prior to other facial treatments by increasing the penetration of the active ingredients in treatment room and home products.

Dermaplaning can be performed every four to six weeks. Treating the skin in this manner removes two to three weeks of dead skin cells. All skin types benefit from dermaplaning. Typically, clients 35 and over are the best candidates.
Dermaplaning with 30-minute facial$105-$115
Dermaplaning with 60-minute facial$125-$135
Oxygen Facial$85+Add-ons are extra
Oxygen facials treat the skin with oxygen plasma, a natural and organic product that mimics your own blood’s biological ability to oxygenate and, therefore, rejuvenate your cells. Can be preformed with dermaplaning.