Hair Removal

Body Waxing


Sugaring is a great way to shed that unwanted and embarrassing facial hair. Head Liners Salon has licensed professionals with experience in hair removal. We can shape your eyebrows and remove that unwanted hair from your lip, chin and sides of your face. At Head Liners, we use sugar, a natural and safe service without chemicals.

  First Eyebrow Shaping $20
  Eyebrow $13
  Lip $13
  Chin $13
  Lip and Brow $24
  Sides of face $28
  Lip, Chin, Brow $36
  Lip, Chin, Brow and Sides of face $60


Threading, is an ancient method of temporary hair removal using a thin, twisted cotton or polyester thread to gently remove hairs at the follicle level. Advantages of threading include more precise control in the shaping of the eyebrows and is more gentle on the skin. This method lasts up to 4 weeks.

  1 Area $15
  Extended time $5