Aveda Salon Spa Body TreatmentsBody Therapies

Looking for a way to enhance your skin to get that healthy glow? Our body treatments can invigorate your body and promote healthy skin. From aromatherapy to an exfoliating treatment, we have a package just for you and your trouble area.

Aromatherapy Steam Treatment

  $40 -30 minutes
Your body will be enveloped in a steam canopy customized with your personalized aroma designed to help you relax and reduce stress and is also good to have right before a massage. The treatment is good for detoxification, increased circulation, and reduction of the signs of stress and fatigue. 

Body Buff

  $60 -60 minutes
A cleansing and sloughing treatment for the body, gently exfoliates, improves circulation and removes surface dryness, followed by moisturizing treatment. 

Body Buff and Beyond

  $90 - 90 minutes
The body buff and beyond incorporates the body buff followed by a treatment that replenishes and nourishes the skin.  The body is then wrapped in a thermal blanket.  While the body is hydrating, enjoy a scalp and face massage.

Full Body Paraffin  

  $120 - 1 Hour
This treatment begins with a dry exfoliation followed by gentle essential oil massage.  Paraffin is applied to the entire body, wrapped for twenty minutes in warm blanket.  This treatment is especially good for dry or chapped skin, relieves tired or sore muscles, leaving you with better mobility and feeling rejuvenated..  (While wrapped, you will receive a scalp and face massage.)

Back Treatment 

  $70 - 1 Hour
This treatment is designed to relieve stress and promote healthy skin on the back area, includes cleansing, exfoliation, efflerage massage and a warm seaweed masque.

Signature Hand Treatment

  $45 - 25 minutes

Signature Foor Treatment

  $45 - 25 minutes

Signature Hand and Foot Treatment

  $85 - 50 minutes
Seaweed mask applied to feet and hands and wrapped in hot towels to detoxify and hydrate.

Therapeutic Paraffin Treatment

  $10 Hands - 15-20 minutes
$15 Feet - 15-20 minutes
A wonderful way to hydrate the hands and feet, plus adding to mobility of stiff joints and helping to relieve tired, tense muscles.